Three friends assembling wooden bull puzzle in the dining room

Benefits of Assembling Wooden Puzzles

Do you know that you can take an advantage of assembling wooden puzzles? 

First of all, it is important to highlight something very curious about Active Wooden Puzzles, such as their benefits when assembling them. Surely when you hear the word "puzzle", you think of a hobby or while the time away. But the truth is that in addition to having fun, it also entails enjoying a series of health benefits. And for this, you can delight yourself with its usefulness, choosing your favorite puzzle from any of our collections, either our magical wooden animal collection or our Van Gogh’s wooden puzzles collection.

 Three friends assembling wooden bull puzzle in the dinning room

It improves mental exercise, because you do a complete exercise of the brain and this helps prevent cognitive decline. Also, it improves the visual-spatial reasoning, because you need to place the different pieces within a larger image. And, increase your IQ, if you dedicate 25 minutes a day to solving a puzzle.

Secondly, it improves your mood, as it increases the production of dopamine and this improves your mood and makes you more optimistic. In addition, it reduces the level of stress, because it helps you relax, increases your self-confidence and even lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Above all, the puzzle helps you disconnect from your day-to-day at work. And, develops patience, because it requires you to spend time completing a task.

On the other hand, it improves memory, because you need to look for a piece among the others of a certain shape or color that you have in your mind and imagine a larger image and see which pieces go together with each other. In addition, it increases concentration, because you need to focus on the task of finding pieces and remembering where to place them.

Fourth, it will be great for you at work, because you will have greater attention to detail, because you need to focus, especially if the pieces are very similar. Also, it improves problem solving ability, because you must test different hypotheses and if it does not work, modify the strategy until the riddle is solved. In addition, it increases productivity, since the less stressed you are, better is your concentration and therefore the higher your productivity. Therefore, better collaboration and teamwork, since, if you put together a puzzle with your colleagues in the workplace, it helps you to improve relationships with them, as well as teamwork and cooperation between you.

Picture wooden panda puzzle in the dinning room close to stairs

And fifth, and thinking of our elders, delay the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's, because they keep their brain active.

Did you know how beneficial it could be to assemble wooden puzzles?

It is essential that you have a distraction and avoid using technology as little as possible in your leisure hours and it is great to assemble a puzzle so that you will not lose your mental agility, it will also help you organize and carry out a routine. In the same way, you will work on your patience and the ability to face new challenges.

By assembling puzzles you have fun, you work your brain and you feel the satisfaction of the achievement. It is a magnificent three in one.

Family in the kitchen showing picture with wooden panda puzzle

In short, assembling together a puzzle helps to escape and relax, they are ideal entertainment for the whole family and get away from technology. Adults must encourage children to have fun with puzzles.

Finally, we remind you that we have launched our Wooden Animal Puzzles Collection and our Van Gogh’s Collection, which you are going to love.

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