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Decorating with Wooden Puzzles

What are you going to do with your puzzles once they are finished?

Assemble puzzles is a classic pastime and puzzle makers are people with a lot of patience and dedication who turn their work into true works of art.

For this reason, this technique has been transferred to the decoration sector, a trend that is currently booming.

Therefore, if you are one of those people who loves puzzles and also like to show your work, you have to keep reading, it's great how a puzzle can look framed on a wall.

In addition, we suggest you enjoy assembling a wooden puzzle, choosing your favourite puzzle from any of our collections.

Tips for framing a puzzle

  • First, spread a thin even layer of white glue with a brush over the entire surface of the puzzle. Let it dry completely. Apply the process a second time and let it dry again.
  • Then, carefully, turn the puzzle upside down and cover the back with glue.
  • Glue the puzzle to a white passe-partout with a 3 or 4 cm overhang, depending on your preference. Place weight on top so that it sticks well.
Decorating with Wooden puzzles
  • Finally, frame it with a frame of your choice.

A curious and fantastic thing about puzzles is that you can make thousands of them and then you won't know what to do with them. If you decide to turn them into paintings, you will have a hard time deciding where to hang them.

A very fun and original idea is to cover an entire wall with puzzles, for example a playroom. Something to do over the years and build up a personal collection little by little. It is a very nice feeling to see all the puzzles we have made over the years.

Some of our favourite designs that you can frame your walls with are as follows

  • Nature puzzles, they will give you calm to the decor.
  • Landscape puzzles, perhaps a place you have visited
  • Art puzzles, how about a Van Gogh in your living room?
  • Children's puzzles, to decorate the little ones' room.
  • World map puzzles, perfect for a young room and to point out the countries visited.
  • Still life puzzles, to decorate a rural environment with a rustic touch or a kitchen.
  • City puzzles, London, Venice, Rome...

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Take a look at the following ideas for decorating with puzzles

  • Drawing a puzzle on a chalkboard paint wall, a great idea for a kitchen or a long hallway.
  • Another would be to decorate with vinyl puzzles that you stick on surfaces, such as a wall.
  • Puzzle table, place puzzles on top of the table and cover with glass.
  • Foam sheets in the shape of puzzle pieces to cover the floor of a children's room.
  • Mini puzzles glued to a magnet plate to decorate fridges.

Would you like to hang on the wall of your house a work of art made by you?

Spectacular pictures you have taken, monuments you have visited, your pet, flowers from your garden, landscapes that remind you of special moments.

Another suggestion could be if your living room is decorated in white or neutral tones, decorate it with a puzzle of bold colours to break the monotony. You can also play with different sizes, a large frame with a small puzzle or with several puzzles. You can also play with different shapes, a round frame for a square puzzle, for example.

How about hanging a Van Gogh on the headboard of your bed? It can look stunning.

Pareja colocando cuadro van gogh encima cabecero cama

In short, if you use your imagination, you will discover that the possibilities are endless.

Take a look at Active Puzzles and choose the one that suits your walls, curtains, living room or kitchen.

Tell us, what do you do with the puzzles once they are finished?

In our online shop you will find a wide variety of themes, and we are sure you will find the most appropriate one for you.

We hope it will be of great help for this new project you have decided to start.

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