Pareja colgando cuadro de Van Gogh encima de cabecero de cama

Solve puzzles faster

What is your strategy to assemble a puzzle?

Focusing on a single task helps us lower our stress level. Among these activities, we find puzzles, which continue to be on the list of preferred gifts and at any time of the year. The experts are capable of assembling a 500-piece puzzle in less than one hour.

But as more ideas will emerge, we do not want this to become a closed list, but rather contribute please with your own experiences and knowledge below in the comments to increase the list and continue helping all the puzzlers in the world!

For this reason, we suggest you enjoy assembling a wooden puzzle, choosing your favorite puzzle from any of our collections.

Some of the tips for assembling puzzles are as follows:

First of all, get ready to start

  • Select a puzzle that you like, that motivates you, a monument or place you visited, to feel like finishing it and seeing it done. And, appropriate to your level. If you are a beginner, start with a puzzle of few pieces, for an adult it is best to start with a puzzle of 500 pieces. You can increase the complexity while you get more experience.
  • Choose a puzzle with many colors at the beginning, and as you get more experience, you can increase the complexity, as well as try puzzles with fewer colors. In puzzles with more than 4,000 pieces, they are already classified, however, when they are very complex, it is not enough to separate the pieces only by color.

Pareja colocando cuadro de van gogh encima de cabecero de cama

  • Choose a suitable place, with good light, preferably natural light, so that you can be calm and avoid. Find a moment of relaxation and spend some time each day, you will improve with patience, perseverance and experience. Do not be angry if you cannot assemble a piece.

On the other hand, prepare the work area

  • Classify the pieces by colors, tones, textures, separate the edges and corners. Separate by textures like trees, grass, even if it's all green. Also, by type of piece, there are more horizontal or more vertical, since there are about 15 different dies that are usually assembled following the same pattern. In addition, it is quite useful to prepare the pieces in columns, oriented in the same direction according to their recesses or projections, so that it is easier to visually locate them. It is easy to find very rare pieces, which are called zippers. In the same way, classify the pieces by objects that differ very clearly and start assembling the pieces in this area. Start with the edges, except if they are the same color, which then you will have to start with small areas that stand out either by colors or letters, for example. Likewise, start with the easiest, what stands out the most. By making the edges you will know the size of the puzzle and thus be able to calculate where the pieces will go in a specific area. Ride in specific areas, for example, the sky or an area with trees. Another peculiarity of the pieces is that some have tabs that are the parts that protrude from the pieces or the spaces that are the pieces with a space. Also, identify what pattern the puzzle follows, for example, a more horizontal piece with two tabs on the sides and then a more vertical piece with two spaces on the sides. Use that pattern to put the puzzle together.
  • Sort the areas by color, and place them approximately in the place where you think they will be located according to the image. Fill in the spaces between the different zones that you have already completed.

Tres manos haciendo puzzle de toro

  • Use a protection system such as a puzzle roll, it will help you in case you have to move the puzzle from one side to the other. The puzzle roll is a kind of mat that allows it to be rolled up without disassembling it and stored in a cylindrical shape. Assemble the puzzle on a support with measures greater than the puzzle so that you can transport it if necessary. You will find the measurements in the box.

Third, put the puzzle together

  • Do not be obsessed with the same piece, the easiest thing is to start with the simple pieces or areas. The more pieces you place, the easier it is to continue. There are puzzles in which the edges are very complicated because they are the same color, for example, in this case, it is better to start with simpler areas.
  • Always have the image of the complete puzzle in front of you, it will serve as a guide. Originally, adult puzzles did not have any reproduction and it was only known at the end, once the puzzle was assembled, which made it very difficult to assemble all the pieces.
  • Use a loupe to see small details, which otherwise could not be seen.
  • If a piece does not fit, do not force them, turn the two pieces over and try to fit them, if they do not fit, you should try another piece.
  • Get motivated and value each time you achieve a small achievement. It is very positive and is part of the benefits of assembling puzzles, whether you do it in a group, as a couple or with friends or family. Enjoy that moment, sharing it with your loved ones and enjoy the benefits of assembling puzzles. If you get frustrated, leave it and rest, you will come back with more desire.

Pareja haciendo puzzle van gogh en mesa redonda visto desde arriba

Finally, and once you have the puzzle finished

  • Donate the puzzle to a charity, organizations or centers for Alzheimer's, seniors or hospitals or nursing homes that accept used puzzles.
  • Save the puzzle and put it back together in the future.
  • As a decoration object, for this you will have to glue the puzzle to a sheet of wood or other material and frame it.

In our online store you can find a wide variety of themes, surely among all of them you will find the most appropriate for you.

That is why we hope it will be of great help for this new project that you have decided to start. Tell us your doubts and achievements. We are here to help you.

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