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Van Gogh, the most important artist of Post-Impressionism

Art puzzles have become the latest trend in decoration for both home and office, creating a distinguished, elegant and, of course, full of beauty. And one of the greatest exponents of world art is Van Gogh.

The world of art, and especially that of painting, is full of great artists who have put their inspiration at the service of human emotion and beauty. Painters who have managed to capture the world around them through a prism so different and personal that they become unique beings, turning their works into authentic icons of universal beauty.

van gogh the most important artist of post impressionism

However, not all transcend, only those that offer a perfect balance between technique and imagination, charm and passion, are those that remain throughout the centuries. One of them is the Dutch painter Vicent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh, the ignored genius

Vicent Van Gogh was born in Holland in 1853 and into a family with strong religious convictions. His fondness for drawing appeared during childhood. At that time he liked to capture traditional scenes, especially those in which people from his community appeared. However, back then, his color palette was limited to dark and earthy tones.

It would be years later when the explosion of light entered his work. An outburst of colors, through small strokes and strategically arranged dots, would make up a unique and unrepeatable style, what we now know as post-impressionism and of which it was the greatest exponent of it.

We know that throughout his life he painted 800 paintings, great works that did not have any significance during his time, since he was only able to sell two of them. However, history has found the place it deserves.

Famous Van Gogh painting puzzles to celebrate art

At Active Puzzles we are determined to make art our main motivation. This is how the puzzles of famous artists become more than just fun, making them part of a new trend in decoration, one that combines good taste and elegance, offering a unique touch in the favorite place at home.


puzzle van gogh starry night every piece is different

We would all love to preside over our living room with one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings: Cafe Terrace at Night, Arles Bedroom or Sunflowers. We offer you one of the most charismatic with the puzzle of The Starry Night, with the added incentive that it will be your own hands, and ingenuity, that will shape this immortal work.

The benefits of puzzles linked to art

The benefits of assembling puzzles at any age are well known:

• Working with small parts helps the development of motor skills.
• They are ideal for working on cognitive aspects such as organization and concentration.
• Promotes visual memory.
• Sharpens wit, as well as self-control and reflection.
• Also, if done as a family, it improves relationships.

But if the beauty of art is added to this, the benefits are multiplied. Assembling a Van Gogh puzzle leads us to be interested in his work, in his unique life and, also, in the significance it has had through the centuries. In the same way, it would be to find impressionism puzzles which would lead to an interest in knowing the main characteristics of this artistic movement developed during the 19th century.


different pieces from van gogh starry night puzzle

Fun, development of manual and emotional skills, new knowledge about art and a beautiful piece of decoration to give a special touch to that favorite corner of the home or office, is what we offer you in Active Puzzles. In addition, all our art puzzles are made with natural ecological wood, because in addition to beauty we are also concerned about the conservation of the environment.

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