Amazon Puzzles de madera para adultos

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amazon active puzzles

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  • Luis L. (Spain)

    "I love this puzzle! It has been great, I'm going to leave it as a decoration in the house. Colors are better than photos. I consider myself a puzzle expert, but this has been a good challenge. I definitely recommend this puzzle for the good quality and for being very original."

  • Cristobal (Sweden)

    "I loved the design, the box ... everything !! Awesome! Hours of fun with my son and also decoration for his room. It's not all video games and I've spent time with my son for doing something different. Safe gift on the next birthday that you invite us; )"

  • Angel (Spain)

    "I bought this puzzle since I loved the designs, but I was surprised with the product overall and that's why I put the comment. The packaging already tells you what you are going to find, and it is a puzzle that tests your ingenuity with pieces outside the standard and that I think is a great gift for anyone."