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Pigly Pink & Green Pack Wooden Special Premium Pack of 2 Puzzles

Pigly Pink & Green Pack Wooden Special Premium Pack of 2 Puzzles

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Embark on a whimsical journey with our new pack of two puzzles, featuring the enchanting Pigly Pink Rabbit and Pigly Green Rabbit. Immerse yourself in the symbolism and charm of these rabbit puzzles, each telling a unique tale.

Introducing the Rabbit Duo Puzzle Pack:

🌸 Pigly Pink Rabbit Puzzle (70 pieces):

  • Explore the world of the Pigly Pink Rabbit, a creature embodying shyness yet exuding creativity and spontaneity. This 70-piece puzzle captures the essence of fertility, abundance, and luck associated with this gentle animal.

🍃 Pigly Green Rabbit Puzzle (105 pieces):

  • Dive into the allure of the Pigly Green Rabbit, adorned with 105 pieces that bring to life the rabbit's symbolism of wealth, intelligence, and competitive qualities. This puzzle is a captivating blend of nature's hues and the rabbit's mystical aura.

Rabbit Symbolism:

  • The rabbit, often associated with fear and shyness, holds diverse meanings across cultures. A symbol of luck in many societies, it embodies fertility, creativity, and abundance. In Egyptian hieroglyphs, it represents the concept of being, while Chinese astrology recognizes it as one of the twelve signs. Mayan culture attributes the rabbit to talent and competitive qualities.

Indulge in the rich symbolism and intricate design of these Rabbit Duo Puzzles. Perfect for collectors and those seeking a blend of challenge and cultural significance, this pack promises a delightful puzzling experience. 🧩🌟