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Pack Sorcières: Sorcière de la Richesse, Sorcière de l'Amour et Sorcière Aurelia en Bois Spécial premium Pack de 3 puzzles

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Embark on a magical journey with our enchanting Witch Trio Wooden Special Premium Pack of 3 puzzles, featuring the mystical Wealth Witch, Love Witch, and the benevolent Aurelia Witch.

Introducing the Witch Trio Puzzle Pack:

🌟 Wealth Witch Puzzle:

  • Uncover the secrets of prosperity with the Wealth Witch. Specialized in crafting the finest potions and spells, this puzzle brings to life the enchanting world of abundance and mystical wealth.

💖 Love Witch Puzzle:

  • Let the Love Witch cast her spell of romance and luck in love. This puzzle is a celebration of love and charm, promising an enchanting assembly experience filled with magical moments.

🧚 Aurelia Witch Puzzle:

  • Meet Aurelia Witch, a fairy disguised as a witch. Her story of resilience and kindness unfolds as you piece together this puzzle. Aurelia, once a victim of bullying, decided to fight back and help other children in need.

Witch Trio Magic:

  • This trio of witches represents a harmonious blend of prosperity, love, and benevolence. Aurelia's tale is one of courage and compassion, while the Wealth and Love Witches bring their unique magic to the mix.

Indulge in the whimsy and magic of this Witch Trio Puzzle Pack, perfect for those seeking a captivating puzzle experience with a touch of enchantment. 🧙✨🧩