Make your own Animal Pack

Choose your favorite 3 animal puzzles and get an incredible fixed price. 79,95 € (you save 10 euros and get FREE SHIPPING)

You can choose three different ones or three of the same ones.
Choose what's reflective of your personality, choose Active Puzzles!

Animal puzzles are one of the more popular collections in the Active Puzzle family. Animals are loved and appreciated by kids and adults. Tigers, bears, elephants, dogs, cats, fenecs, rabbits, owls and many others which can be found on our wooden puzzles. Animal Active Puzzles are also the best pictures created by our talented artists. They will decorate and add originality to every space, whether it is a living room, a children's room or an office.
Active Puzzles wooden puzzles are an unforgettable experience and thrilling entertainment.

Arrange a holiday on the weekend:

Hang out with yourself or have fun with your family.

Give children an alternative on the phone and TV.

Children can play with durable pieces of wood in the form of animals and learn motor skills.
Give an original gift to a child, family, friends and coworkers. Each puzzle is packed in a top-quality wooden gift box. Such a gift will surprise and keep in mind.

More puzzles - more fun!

Examples of possible combinations

3 Tigers

Get the full Tiger variants and put them all together in your home wall.

Colorful creatures

One fish, a fenek and the magic Cat would be an excellent combination for children and adults entertainment.