Every piece is unique. Every puzzle is a different world to explore...

  • Art & Design

    Color and culture as a trigger for creativity. Our designs are made exclusively for Active Puzzles by international artists with itinerant collections

  • Ecological Wood

    Being surrounded by natural eco wood pieces showing how much you care about environment. We only use high quality, natural and ecological birch wood.

  • Luxury Mood

    Designs are pieces of art and luxury, that can be framed and decorated on walls and glass cabinets. Invest your time on beautiful entertainment.

Discover how we pack and prepare all our puzzles (VIDEO)

Discover Wild Life Collection

Active Puzzles and Nobleland fighting against climate change

We connect to the nature and fight against climate change

With the help of Nobleland we make every tree count by not only planting but also sustaining them. We are morally forced to sustain nature’s diversity, maintain our planet’s health and most importantly fight climate change for present and future generations.

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  • active puzzles review and opinion
  • active puzzles review and opinion

Wooden puzzles

Our mission is to produce high-quality puzzles for adults to enjoy over and over again, and they can also be an important decorative piece in their homes. Active Puzzles products are totally different from the normal puzzles known to all. All of our adult wooden puzzles are laser cut by our specialists and produced from sustainably sourced birch wood, providing excellent durability and image quality on wood.

Cutting the pieces with laser ensures that each piece fits effortlessly and allows us to create creative cutting shapes that are always related to the main design of the puzzle.

Explore our art wooden puzzles collection, wild life animals wooden puzzles collection and our best selling puzzles collection.

In Active Puzzles designs, each piece is different. Each puzzle is a different world to explore.