Collection: Wooden Puzzles Art Collection

Create a connection between entertainment & art.⁣ Boost your creativity and use it to create better spaces with others or by yourself, in your house, or supporting the environment with eco decoration #decopiece.

In our Van Gogh Starry Night there is always space for one more star. These are no shooting stars but could also grant you a wish: to become an artist and expose your own piece of art.  Now, the Van Gogh puzzle is available in two formats, a 40x40 cm (ideal for fun and entertainment) and another 80x80 cm, perfect for decorating large spaces such as living rooms of large houses, commercial spaces or offices.

We have recently added one more puzzle to the art collection, the Salvador Dalí wooden puzzle. It is a colorful portrait of one of the most internationally known artists, famous for his prominence in the world of surrealism and also for his renowned mustaches.

Fill your home with art puzzles

At Active Puzzles we love artworks and even more so if they become new puzzles. In addition, art puzzles are very popular and have won over all kinds of audiences. We can find more classic proposals to others that include more modern and minimalist illustrations.

What is not the slightest doubt is its double functionality. On the one hand, they are ideal for those who want to be distracted during their assembly and, on the other hand, they have a purely decorative purpose. What is more than evident is that we can hang them in the corner of the house that we like the most.

We can enjoy a Picasso, Van Gogh, Dalí or Renoir or any work from ancient Egypt or the great Italian artists. Whatever the preference, what is clear is that there is a wide variety to decorate with puzzles.

Why decorate with art puzzles?

There are a wide number of alternatives in home decoration such as using puzzles. While it is true that this type of entertainment or hobby offers many benefits for people, it also fulfills a decorative role. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges is assembling a puzzle to our measure to decorate a living room, a room or any room to our liking.

It will not stop having our stamp and personal imprint, although there are a large number of decoration ideas to include them in our home. In addition, there are a wide variety of artistic sizes and designs that will deliver amazing results.

Therefore, art puzzles for adults are ideal for memory training and relaxation, as well as for challenging ourselves. There are puzzles that have many pieces, therefore, it will depend on your skill to finish this creation sooner or later.

The latest trend that we find is the illustrations of new artists where we can find contemporary works by Ricardo Siri Liniers, María Luque, Lucilismo, Santiago Paredes, Vik Arrieta, Paula Duró, Xoana Herrera, Caribay or Agus Basile, among others.

Decorate your home with Active Puzzles

Our brand is distinguished by the artisan manufacture of high quality wooden puzzles. It can be said that they include the 3 in 1: entertainment, art and decoration. Therefore, we can turn any interior space into a unique and exclusive setting.

Decorating with Active Puzzles only offers you advantages and makes a difference with the rest. Next, we list some of the proposals that you can find if you like these trends in decoration.

The Van Gogh Starry Night puzzle is an artistic proposal with a medium size that includes 457 pieces and colors in the range of blues and yellows. This puzzle comes in a wooden box with the picture in the illustration on the front. We have recently added another puzzle to the art collection, Salvador Dalí's wooden puzzle. In this case, it is a colorful portrait by an international artist, recognized for the surrealist trend.

For those who love artistic illustrations with animals, it should be noted that one of the best sellers on Active Puzzles are the happy panda and the brown tiger. The first includes 226 pieces and the second 190, therefore, they are easily made and serve as decoration for any room.

These new decorating ideas will help you give your home a different look. If you like this type of hobby, the purchase of these puzzles is very successful. In addition, it can be a very original proposal to give as a gift on any occasion. You just have to choose the puzzle that you like the most!