Activities For Children And Parents At Home

Activities For Children And Parents At Home

With the pandemic situation, there were new guidelines on social distancing, and parents are looking for a new way to keep their children occupied. There are several activities for children and parents suitable for building the skills and knowledge. 

Normally, keeping the kids active and engaged will be a tough situation as the safety recommendations have put a temporary hold on visiting parks, restaurants, or other places. Playing with the children is quite fun as well as an amazing stress buster. 

These activities are helpful for keeping everyone healthy. Apart from these, when your kids are tired of studying then playing games would be a mind relaxing option. Below are some of the activities you can play with your children at your home.


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  • Read The Story Together:
  • Reading stories with your children will be fun where you would read, and they listen with enthusiasm. It is convenient to make the children and parents' activities interactive by asking the child what he or she thinks about a character in the story. You can also get your child to participate in reading habits.

  • Singing Songs:
  • Singing the songs is a great bonding activity when you are in the car for a long drive with your family. When you are at home with your children, you can easily play music and sing along with your kids. It is quite fun to dance all along with the music.

  • Coloring Activity:
  • Colouring is one of the perfect options for making your kids engage in increasing their creativity. Coloring with your children is a great opportunity to have a chat or ask about his or her day. You can teach them about colours practically. You can also show them how to mix colors for shades in the drawing.

  • Paper-Bag Skits:
  • The Paper-bag skit is one of the indoor games suitable for your family. You can conveniently divide the children into groups and provide them with a bag filled with props. These could be toy jewelry, a spoon, a sock, ribbon, balls, or any other. 

    Give the groups about 15 minutes to construct a skit around the props. It will be quite fun and much entertaining when the groups try to improve their skills.

  • Indoor Bowling:
  • It is also easier to create a simple bowling alley within your home for children and parents activities. A bowling game is also ideal for hand-eye coordination, so it gives the more amazing option for the children to have more fun playing the game. For playing the game, you can take empty bottles or soda cans along with a Plastic ball or a tennis ball. 

    Create a bowling lane with the lane and peel off the wrappers of the cans. Now you can easily arrange bottles at the end of the lane. Stack them on top of each other to form a pyramid. Ask the kids to strike an arrangement with the ball.

  • Playing Puzzles:
  • Now you could easily give the child access to any number of puzzles. There are high quality puzzles suitable for engaging as well as educational. When you are using different picture or word puzzles, then you can make your children arrange the puzzle together forming the picture on the puzzle. 

    Try 3D puzzle toys with the younger children. Playing the Words puzzle is an amazing option for the older kids as they would automatically improve their vocabulary. You can also keep the puzzle book handy at your home.

  • Card Games:
  • Normally, card games are quite an amazing option for kids to easily mold logical reasoning. It would also be a suitable option for improving their skills in color and number identification. 

    Having a deck of cards or two would be beneficial and assured in playing the game. There are many card games for kids, such as spoons, trash, crazy eights, memory cards, and many others are available. Go fish is quite a popular card game that is quite ideal for children.

  • Building A Fort:
  • Apart from playing the games, there are also many ways to keep your children occupied or engaged. Building a fort is one of the spectacular options. You can easily use the Pillows, Chairs, Cardboard boxes, Blankets, or any others for building a fort. 

    A cardboard fort is the best way to stick with tape. You can also cover the table or a couple of chairs with a blanket to make it a small fort.


    Make sure everybody enjoys the activity to make the most of your family’s time. There are a bunch of activities to choose from. Just pick the ones that cater to your family and their particular interests.

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