mother and kid decorating home with puzzles

Decorate Your House with Puzzles

The goal of home decoration should be none other than to provide us with the satisfaction of living in a place where we feel comfortable, to our liking and relaxed. On many occasions, this happens by choosing elements that, due to their originality, are out of the ordinary and can be “strange”, such as decorating some of our rooms with puzzles.

home decorated with a wooden puzzle

Decorative puzzles are currently a growing trend, since they combine entertainment with well-being and can replace pictures to decorate or integrate with them without detracting from the desired result at all.

Tips for decorating with puzzles

Before taking action, we must be aware that, in addition to mounting it properly, we have to weigh its final location and our ability. It is, therefore, essential to choose puzzle theme, size and difficulty according to these premises so as not to end up frustrated. 

Ideas to decorate with puzzles

To decorate your house with puzzles it is necessary that you take into account where they are going to be placed. If, for example, you have a small corridor, you can make use of the smaller ones and create a small gallery whose composition is a single line or a more or less uneven grid.

In the case of the youth or children's rooms, you can assemble larger and very colorful ones with their “inhabitants” with curious illustrations of animals, such as the magic cat from Active Puzzles, the multicolored rabbit or the happy panda bear. Afterwards, hang them as a headboard or in the study area and you will have a bedroom full of character.

ideas to decorate you home with puzzles


For a meeting room or office, Active Puzzles art puzzles bring a lighthearted touch as well as distinction. Having Dalí presiding over the room or a wonderful starry night at any time of the day is not something that everyone can boast about.

When placing them, always take into account the lighting and the ambient color, since, as with any decorative element, they are essential when it comes to highlighting them.

kids decoration example with a wooden puzzle

Not only can we hang the puzzles on the wall, we can also use them to create backgrounds under glass tables or create adhesive murals for appliances or to brighten up the doors of the house. The possibilities of decorating with puzzles go as far as your imagination goes.

Once you have clearly specified how you are going to give presence to your artistic puzzles, you may have the question of what to do with them if you find yourself in need of moving house, or changing rooms. And this should not be a brake to decorate with them, since, since they can be framed or attached to movable surfaces, it is feasible to move them without any problem.

The benefits of doing puzzles


The benefits of doing puzzles are well known, since they sharpen visual memory, help improve motor skills, increase patience and self-control, and are also very relaxing and de-stressing.

They notably increase the ability to concentrate, with which for people with an attention deficit they can be a help in their day to day life.

animal heavenly panda wooden puzzle with frame

And with the original puzzles you can also start a more than enriching love of art, since you will be able to meet prestigious illustrators and designers whose work illustrates them and that you probably did not know.

Using puzzles in home decoration brings us closer to a point of relaxation and unique art. In addition, the puzzles that we have in Active Puzzles are made with elements that are harmless to the environment and from materials of sustainable origin, so with them you will be helping the environment.