Pokémon are not actually animals

Did you know that Pokémon are not actually animals, but Kami?

Pokémon, the great cultural phenomenon, has been on the crest of the wave for 26 years. From its first release in Japan and its cultural relevance in its home country, it continues to enjoy great success that shows no sign of going away.

And since its worldwide launch, it is very common in the West to misunderstand Pokémon, since they are closely linked to Japanese culture.

Ever since Pokémon came out, much of its Western audience has compared the game's creatures to real-life animals, as some keep them as pets. Without understanding that Pokémon is related to Shintoism, animism and the kami of Japan.

Pikachu Pokémon Jigsaw Puzzle

They are not animals at all.

Shintosim dates back to around 300 bC and is a religion from Japan. Because of this, Shinto is deeply ingrained in Japanese culture and its media. The religion is polytheistic, with an infinite number of kami.

¿What are the Kami? 

The kami can be historical figures, inanimate objects, mountains, and forces of nature. They are more similar to spirits, some are powerful enough to even create a country and others are simply a family's favorite dish.

In fact, Shintoism had a huge influence on the creator of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri.

Just like kami, Pokémon have supernatural powers and abilities. These powers and abilities make them greater than humans as they can bring others back from the dead, burn down cities, understand human speech, and control minds with hypnosis.

Pikachu, the star of Pokémon

Since his birth, the whole world fell at Pikachu's feet, with his high-pitched voice and his electrified cheeks. He is the undisputed star of Pokémon.

Pikachu, the star of Pokémon

Pikachu is the 25th Pokémon creature. It looks like a mouse with yellow fur and two brown spots, although we have already said that it is not an animal, but a kami ;)

Pikachu is a Japanese term that means electrical sparks and also alludes to the sound that a mouse makes, it has the ability of static electricity and when it comes into body contact with an opponent it paralyzes them.

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Will you join the Pokémon cultural phenomenon?

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