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Puzzle Perfect: Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzle toys are safer and non-toxic for children to enjoy playing. Playing with these toys would automatically ignite the child's imagination and creativity. Kids love playing with wooden puzzles. Maintaining and cleaning the toys regularly is important for ensuring they last for years. 

These toys need to be cleaned and sanitized often. The main reason is that these toys would end up on the floor and in your baby's mouth. It is also important to clean these toys and sanitize them when the baby recovers from illness.

Maintaining The Wooden Puzzles:-

Normally, babies love to play with natural wooden blocks and other wooden toys. These are also completely safer options to improve their skill and imagination level. 

Keeping these toys in good condition is the best way to ensure your kid does not get sick often. These are simple processes for cleaning and maintaining wooden toys. 

Below are some of the tips for maintaining puzzles you can follow:

  • Cleaning Materials:

Cleaning the puzzle toys especially requires the appropriate materials for ensuring correct cleaning. The main reason is that these toys will be made from natural wood, so it is important to use the right materials. 

Some of the cleaning tools you can opt for are the following:

  • Hair dryer
  • Mild non-toxic cleanser
  • Paintbrush
  • Dry rag
  • Mineral oil

  • Remove Dust:

One of the best ways to clean wooden puzzles for adults is by removing dust from the surface. You can start using the paintbrush to easily remove the dust. Dust adheres to the surface of 3D wooden puzzles, so they must be removed completely. 

Use the paintbrush to wipe the surface of the toys. It is convenient to use the blower wind to quickly reduce the dust on the surface. It is a time-saving process for maintaining wooden puzzles.

  • Use Non-Toxic Cleaner:

Normally, wood has natural antibacterial properties, so there is no need to bleach or even use harsh chemicals. Using the appropriate non-toxic cleaner is convenient to ensure toys are cleaned completely. 

Use a non-toxic cleaner such as white Vinegar and water solution to maintain the puzzle. These are natural disinfectants and suitable for easy cleaning on wooden puzzle toys.

  • Use Vinegar:

You can also use a cleaner to clean stains in the wooden puzzle. One of the best ways is to easily mix the water with Vinegar in a 2:1 proportion. Vinegar is a great non-toxic disinfectant that can be easily combined with water in a spray bottle. 

You can easily spray the substances directly on the puzzle surface. It is convenient to leave for a few hours to remove harmful bacteria easily. It is the most effective way to maintain the puzzle for the children. It would be best if you dried the toys with indirect sunlight.

  • Commercial Cleaners:

There are also commercial cleaners available for cleaning the wooden materials. It would be best to double-check whether these spray bottles contain harmful chemicals. 

Normally, harmful chemicals could remove the color of wood toys. So it is best to ensure there is no harmful chemical in it. Cleaning wooden puzzles is simple, and you can use Vinegar without harsh chemicals.

  • Heirloom Wooden Toys:

Stains in the wooden block toys must be cleaned to avoid harmful bacteria. You can use the vinegar solution and then scrub them with a sponge. 

These will be a significant option for removing the dirt and stain in the high quality puzzles. Place these toys in the sun for a little while to remove the infection.

  • Use Of Olive Oil:

When the stains are non-removable, you can try light sanding using fine sandpaper. It is quite as simple a process as these wooden toys require moisture replenishment in regular condition. 

You can rub this dirt and remove them using olive oil. Use a soft cloth so the stains will be easily removed. Treating them with all-natural beeswax is also a convenient option that nourishes them. These also protect the wooden surface.

Tips For Maintaining The Puzzle:

Maintaining the wooden puzzle toys is easier by following the above steps. There are also certain things that you must avoid while cleaning and maintaining the toys. 

  • Do not immerse or soak the wooden toys in the dishwasher.
  • Do not use wood polish on wooden toys, as they are toxic.
  • Do not use any special chemicals to stay clean on wooden toys.
  • Avoid using disinfecting sprays as a child could still be putting toys in their mouths. You can simply wipe down surfaces using the non-toxic cleaner.


Most Wooden Puzzles have dust on the surface, so these can be easily cleaned by following the above strategies. Wooden pieces may be the best option, even considering environmental factors.


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