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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles as a Christmas Present

Would you like to give a wooden puzzle as a Christmas present?

At this time of the year, we start to think about what presents we can give our loved ones for Christmas. Moreover, in Spain, we are lucky  to be able to receive presents on two days, Christmas Day and Epiphany.

At Active Puzzles, we propose as an original Christmas gift, our wooden puzzles, choosing your favourite puzzle from any of our collections.

Why do we give presents at Christmas?

December and Christmas arrive, and families get together to share one of the most magical and important traditions of the year. And, it is an ideal time to share Christmas presents, which have become an obligation - tradition, not only for children, but also for adults, which generates a deep illusion waiting for the big day to arrive. We go crazy thinking about the ideal gift for each person, without thinking that in just a few days, the sales will begin.

Grupo gente delante chimenea Navidad puzzles de madera

The 25th of December is one of the best days to give and receive presents and the person in charge is Father Christmas. The other big day is 6th January, the day of the Three Wise Men. Undoubtedly the most magical day of the year.

Nowadays, it has also become a tradition to "Secret Santa", where one family member or friend gives a gift to another. All the names are put into a bowl and each person takes out a small piece of paper with the name of the person to whom he or she has to give a gift. On Santa Claus or Three Wise Men's Day, everyone gets together and gives each other presents. It is a way of saving money and giving more excitement.

Where are the Christmas presents placed?

The presents are placed under the Christmas tree, decorated with Christmas balls and stars. Traditionally, houses are decorated with Christmas decorations, stockings hanging from the chimneys, advent wreaths and nativity scenes depicting the birth of the Christ Child.

We start putting up Christmas decorations on 8th December, but it has become customary to start earlier and earlier.

Chimenea Navidad puzzles de madera

The first Christmas tree dates back to 1605 in Germany and became a tradition in the Scandinavian countries during the 17th century. From the house of Hanover it was imported to Great Britain in the 18th century. Normally the type of tree that is placed in houses is a pine or spruce.

What is the origin of the gifts?

In Ancient Rome, an exchange of gifts took place between 17 and 24 December as a symbol of wishing the next harvest a good harvest. Christianity took advantage of this tradition to symbolise the united people, making it coincide with the birth of the Christ child.

In Lycia, Turkey, in the 3rd century, a boy named Nicholas was orphaned and inherited his parents' entire fortune and became a priest who helped children and people in need.

Grupo gente delante de chimenea puzzles de madera

In the Netherlands, in the 13th century, the figure of St. Nicholas was established by giving gifts to children. Dutch emigrants founded New Netherland, now known as New York, in 1624 and carried on this tradition.

The most common gifts were toys, perfumes, books and, of course, wooden puzzles.

From the 10th century onwards, most Western countries already celebrated Christmas with presents. Nowadays, it is not only about sharing gifts among loved ones, it is also a great opportunity to boost the economy and trade, with campaigns focused solely on this period of time.

What is the tradition in other countries?

In Italy, gifts are handed out by La Befana, a good witch, on the night of 5 January. She enters houses through the chimney.

In the Netherlands, children receive presents on the eve of St. Nicholas' Day, 5 December.

In Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic, they receive them on St. Nicholas' Day itself.

In Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, it is customary to receive presents on Christmas Day, 25 December. Or 6th January, as is the case in Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

And you, have you already thought about what Christmas presents you will give this year?

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