About Jigsaw Puzzle Store

Our figure puzzles develop the creative ability of children and adults, fine motor skills and the perseverance of hyperactive people. Assembling puzzles trains the brain, relieves nervous tension, and the beautiful nuances of the details allow us to talk about color therapy.

Active Puzzles - About Us

Made from natural materials, the puzzles are non-toxic and pleasant to the touch. The value of our product in the field of aesthetics and human health is very motivating. Our work makes me proud of the entire team, of all those who have participated in the project. I feel great pleasure when I see the joy of customers.

Are puzzles a good way to pass the time?

Our puzzles can be not only a puzzle game, but also a final product: as a result of assembly, a unique work of art is created for a stylish interior. The value of own participation is especially high; It's great to see the product you've participated in!

Active Puzzles - About us

If you do not have plans to decorate your space, the pieces of the puzzle after assembly can be put back in an elegant box and placed on a shelf, where it will look great with the books and will not take up much space. The puzzles are durable, they can be assembled over and over again. Surprisingly, each new assembly process will be different from the previous one.

Who is Active Puzzles products suitable for?

Without a doubt, for everyone! Our puzzles are an excellent solution for choosing a gift - such an elegant and useful gift will suit people of any age and condition! Choose your favorite one in this website or Amazon.

Children, of course, must collect a puzzle together with an adult. A hobby like puzzles is the key to strong family relationships.

What are the brand plans for the future?

We will complete the line with new puzzles designs. Artists are already working on it.

Active Puzzles - About us

Usually it is difficult to say what the final project will be, because we actively cooperate with our clients, listen to their wishes and suggestions. Our project is really alive: it will grow and develop!



Marina E.
Active Puzzles Founder