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Salvador Dalí Wooden Puzzle 40 x 40

Salvador Dalí Wooden Puzzle 40 x 40

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Salvador Dalí | 40 x 40 cm | Wooden Puzzle Details

Salvador Dalí was a 20th-century Spanish painter, draughtsman, sculptor, engraver, set designer, and writer. He represents the surrealist style and is known for his striking surrealist images. He was an extremely imaginative artist with eccentric behavior, whose aim was to attract public attention. He was passionate about gold, luxury, and oriental fashion.

Salvador Dalí's work is a cornerstone of surrealist art. His unique approach to painting and sculpture pushed the boundaries of traditional art, making him a pivotal figure in the surrealist movement. Dalí's fascination with dreams, the subconscious, and bizarre, dream-like scenes brought surrealism to the forefront of the art world.

Dalí's art is characterized by his bizarre and striking surrealist images, which include melting clocks, dreamscapes, and fantastical creatures. His most famous work, "The Persistence of Memory" exemplifies his ability to blend reality with dream-like elements, creating an otherworldly experience that continues to intrigue art enthusiasts.

Salvador Dalí's influence on surrealist art and contemporary culture is immeasurable. His works continue to inspire artists, filmmakers, and designers, and his legacy endures as a symbol of the limitless possibilities of human creativity.

Puzzle Size: A3 (40 x 40 cm)

Level of difficulty: Advanced

Weight: 890 gr.

No. of pieces: 475

Material: With individual laser-cut pieces, 4 mm thick and exclusive umbrella, lion, star, shoe, and other shapes.

Packaging: 21 x 20 x 7 cm. eco-friendly wooden box, ideal for keeping your Active Puzzle on any shelf.

“Friend of Nobleland” Eco-label

Why Active Puzzles?

  • They are made of high-quality, natural, and ecological birch wood
  • Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are the perfect mix of entertainment, art, and decoration
  • As a decorative element, they can be framed and decorate walls and bookcases.
  • The designs are made exclusively for Active Puzzles by world-renowned artists.
  • Above-average ink quality on the market
  • You won't find any other puzzle with thicker pieces.

Adults and children learn valuable lessons by assembling puzzles.

Through them, older people improve memory, increase concentration, develop patience, lower stress levels, prevent cognitive decline, and improve problem-solving and strategizing skills. In addition, the youngest children improve their psychomotor development, strengthen family relationships, improve their visual memory, and stimulate their spatial and mathematical skills.

This wooden puzzle, with its unique shapes, is a good start to becoming a hobby.

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