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Dinosaur Wooden Puzzle

Dinosaur Wooden Puzzle

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Dinosaur Wooden Puzzle for children Details

The dinosaur, term dinosaur comes from Greek and means "terrible lizard". They are vertebrates that inhabited the earth for 160 million years until they became extinct, for which we do not know the reason. They were land animals and most of them could not fly. They could be carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. The titanosaurs were the largest, reaching up to 30 meters in length. Our knowledge of dinosaurs comes from fossils.

Size: A3 (33 x 26 cm)

Level of difficulty: Low

Weight: 340 gr.

No. of pieces: 112

Material: With individual laser-cut pieces, 4 mm thick and exclusive dinosaur, hammer, rhinoceros, volcano, and other shapes.

Packaging: 14 x 15 x 4 cm. eco-friendly wooden box, ideal for keeping your Active Puzzle on any shelf.

“Friend of Nobleland” Eco-label

Why Active Puzzles?

  • They are made of high-quality, natural, and ecological birch wood
  • Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are the perfect mix of entertainment, art, and decoration
  • As a decorative element, they can be framed and decorate walls and bookcases.
  • The designs are made exclusively for Active Puzzles by world-renowned artists.
  • Above-average ink quality on the market
  • You won't find any other puzzle with thicker pieces.

Adults and children learn valuable lessons by assembling puzzles.

Through them, older people improve memory, increase concentration, develop patience, lower stress levels, prevent cognitive decline, and improve problem-solving and strategic skills. In addition, the youngest children improve their psychomotor development, strengthen family relationships, improve their visual memory and stimulate their spatial and mathematical skills.

With its unique shapes, this wooden puzzle is an excellent start to becoming a hobby.

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